The Little Theater's Production of Hamlet

Written by Jean Battlo

A sophisticated New York director with a successful Off-Broadway season under her belt travels to West Virginia to direct Hamlet under the auspices of a grant for 'under-served regions'. Gathering in Hattie's restaurant, this group perpetrates a harrowing production of Shakespeare. Amazing costumes and merru mishaps ladle hilarity on top of sincere attempts to tailor Hamlet to this remarkable cast. The play is the thing, and the result is a fractured, quixotic production that provides a fine example of realizing the impossible dream.
Featuring: As:
Amy Conners Lauren McTeer
Katie Vroom Mona Wilkins
John Byrd Sam Glover
Elizabeth Finkler Bettylou Sammons
Darcie Grover Lodocia Reynolds
Sandi Wolfe Hattie Johnson
Glenn Cody J.S. Deskins
Carol Hensel Susan Bias
Rebecca Longworth Director
Jim Narveson Producer

Triton Museum Hall Pavilion
Warburton & Don, Santa Clara
May - June 2006