Agatha Crusty and the Health Spa Murders


by Derek Webb


Oct. 27- Nov. 18, 2017


Crime novelist and amateur detective Agatha Crusty (pronounced ‘croosty’) decides that a health spa is just what she needs to recharge her batteries. She books into Seventh Heaven Health Spa. There she meets the other participants of the health spa weekend: members of a fashion house sales team who are there as a reward for being the highest sales achievers for the year. Things start well with the women experiencing the choice of spa treatments on offer until one of the group is found drowned, presumed murdered, in the Moor Mud Bath. Enter Detective Inspector Simon Aster – a DI with a penchant for complicating the simplest detection methods. When other murders follow, Agatha decides to take matters into her own hands..

Helen On Wheels  
by Cricket Daniel Comedy
Feb. 23 - March 17, 2018
Helen Wheeler is a gun totin’ and whiskey drinking Granny, living in the small town of Crockett, Oklahoma. When Helen isn’t locked up in the local clink, she’s on her front porch shootin’ up critters and the local kids. Not even the local sheriff, who has already taken away all of her ammo and her driver’s license, can manage to uphold the law when it comes to Helen, her sidekick Zona, and their daily “Thelma and Louise” antics. Helen’s son Nelson thinks it’s time for Mama to move out of Crockett and closer to him. Helen on Wheels is a delightful heartwarming new comedy proving that feisty old ladies have the right to cause hell, play bingo and to bear arms



The Ladies Foursome

by Norm Foster


May 18- June 9, 2018

The day after their friend Catherine’s funeral, Margot, Tate, and Connie gather for a round of golf in honour of their recently departed fourth. At the golf course they are joined by another woman, an old friend of Catherine’s they’d never met. Over the course of eighteen holes, secrets and confessions unravel as the women discuss love, sex, children, and everything in between.




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